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elevate //

It is quite difficult to alliviate compassion from your system. I am no different from you - I just found myself in a downward spiral of comparison on Instagram and seem to suffer from infinity planning, where I keep planning and writing down ideas.. take little to no action .. then someone emerges with “my idea.”

The advice that gives me the most strength is to JUST MAKE IT + SHARE! It has been a struggle to find the deeply dormant desire to share every aspect of my life, but in this day and age, this must be overcome. I aspire to do a month long “create & share” where I create a piece of art each day, photograph it, and share it through social media. I am hoping this will ease my transition into becoming a full time artists and I am, in tact, making art full time.

I am also taking the advice from a very insightful uber share I was recently in and eliminating the notion of “trying” from my vocabulary. You’re either doin it, or you’re not. Real talk. Real shit.

<3 C