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LA //


quick PSA-

just wanted to let y'all know southwest got the juice and LA is dope and quite possibly underrated!

Southwest related -

A. I purchased a roundtrip ticket for $79 (one ticket was $79 one ticket was $89 and covered by racked up points - sign up for those free programs boiiii)

B. Southwest has free iMessage + Whatsapp WHILE YOU'RE IN THE AIR! I remember the good old days where you had turn your phone off completely and had to have that bitch stowed until the wheels touched down. CRAZY.

LA related -

C. This weather biiiiiishhhhhhhh

D. The city is overflowing with charisma and energy that cannot be compared. The people I encountered are very very deep and I appreciate that in this fast paced world. There is so much opportunity and so much creativity EVERYWHERE. love. obvi.

E. My roots began in southern Cali and it feels good to be home

<3 C