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photo by: Coy


photo by: Madison Lloyd


photo by: Madison Lloyd

texas tea party represents multifaceted emotion coexisting. all of the emotions finding the strength to sit within complexity and just breath. both joy and adversity being represented simultaneously. 

I wanted this collection to be playful, sweet, and feel in bloom even though it has been the most challenging to create. the obstacles are never ending in ceramics, yet something personal and beautiful was born. ying and yang.

it's giving artist & human

I fought with the name, texas tea party, for days. the name felt so right, but also caused discomfort. as you peel back the layers to new exploration, there is always a mix of  joy, pain, and resilience at the core. when I think of texas stereotypically,  it ain't always pretty or the most warm for someone like me, but texas is currently home so here we are sprucing up the place with color and holographic cowboy boots, childddd

a'two steppp

thank you for letting me express myself

thank you for being here
& enjoy the tea party


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